That is why fools fall in love ..

Each and every one of us has gone, at some point in our lives, through a period when life just stopped having that spark, that certain something that used to give it colour, which made the world magical, always new, always interesting, and always appealing. That is when everything turns grey, including us, we suddenly find ourselves to be just another dull face in the crowd, rushing off in the stillness of our daily lives to "take care of something", something that’s usually important, almost every time vital, but how often just plain joyful? It’s the point where our hearts just stop burning, when our souls fall into a deep sleep when happiness is long forgotten and fun is exclusive to kids and eccentric teenagers. Only one thing can cure this state of numbness, which threatens our entire beings and petrifies our emotions: love. The question which has puzzled me for the longest time is this: "Why do fools fall in love?". A cliche you might say, and of course, you might very well be right, but for me, at this particular stage in my life, it is a mystery, or better said, it has been a mystery for quite a long time, up until recently.
So why DO they fall in love? Strangely enough, I have not found my answer in books, wise quotes or in elderly advice. I found it one cold December day, when, trying to mend my own broken heart, I gazed out the window at the swarming world outside, wondering what the point of falling in love is when all you are left with in the end are soul-shaking memories, nights drowned in tears, and a heart-full of regrets. Questions after questions troubled me day and night, one more painful than the other. Finally, one in particular nearly drove me insane: "What makes love worth all this?", but no answer would come and I felt my heart slowly but surely fade away in loneliness, my soul slip away in darkness. Desperately, I searched for a response in the world below and there it was, right in front of me: a walk in the park. Under the heavy December clouds, making their way through the sprinkling snowflakes and ice-sculptured trees, were two young lovers holding hands, all alone in the crowded city. I watched as they walked along the paths, sharing this gift, which was only theirs to have, with the rest of the world. They were happy and not afraid to show it, happy just passing time in a small park, on a cold day, having nothing else but each other.
I knew right then and there that even a few moments like that are enough to make it all worth while. It may not seem like much but the thought that you are not alone, that someone out there loves you enough to want to spend every moment of the day with you, now that is something not even a broken heart can forget. True, the pain is real and strong, as real and as strong as anyone could imagine, but it still isn’t enough to make you just let go of love. How could you? There is nothing that could ever compare to it: the butterflies that swarm around in your stomach just at the sight of him, endless daydreams and sleepless nights, and the miraculous moments when they come true, these are emotions that just refuse to let themselves be hidden away in our past. So then, I asked myself, "How could I just push away the one thing that brought happiness back into my life?" I may not have it right now but I can’t ignore the fact that it existed when I needed it the most: having someone to accept me for who I am, to support me when I am down and comfort me when life seems to be getting too serious too fast, someone I can love in return and give everything I have, everything I am, that is something I will treasure forever.
We cannot afford to put love at the end of our priority list, as it is probably the one thing that could actually make us feel alive. It brings the sparkle back; it puts color back into a grey universe, and awakens our lost lust for life. That is the answer I found to a question I have heard many people ask; it might be childish, it might be silly, but in the end…that is "why fools fall in love"…
(10x ServaRWow)


  1. Oriunde te-ai uitat exista o poveste.

    Multumesc MadalinaR. Te pup, take care.

    by ServaRwow

  2. Servar nu ai de ce sa-mi multumesti ...
    this is the true


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